We have been having wonderful adventures together this fall at Out and About Adventures. Together we have built friendships and our imaginations while exploring Vancouver’s beautiful Trout Lake.

The sand kitchen has become a favourite activity for many of the children. They have been keeping us teachers fed well with soups, deserts and even the occasional ‘lava’ dish.Together we have been working on sharing the kitchen supplies to evolve our imaginations through a rich sensory experience. As the weather cools, so does the lake water and sand providing us with new sensations and textures to discover at each visit.


Tactile Exploration is an important part of every class. We always stop to feel various surfaces on our walks. Trees, plants, sticks, sand, rocks and even playground equipment can transform before us as the weather gets cooler and wetter and changes the quality of the surfaces around us.


The power of imagination is evident in the outdoors. The children can use various materials to turn anything and everything into a complete drumset! We have had no lack of tunes this fall.


No paper? No problem! We have been using sticks at the beach to draw, write and create maps together.


At ‘Out and About Adventures’, there are plenty of opportunities to see what our bodies can do. Trees offer a cozy shelter on rainy days, as well as an engaging spot to climb up high and see the world from a new perspective.


One group of children decided to go camping in Trout Lake. They worked together to build a ‘fire’ and set up the campsite; mapping out places to eat and a place to sleep for all campers.


For a few weeks, we hung up a rope swing. We discussed a couple different knots and had a blast swinging from just a rope and a stick. We were very thankful to the birch tree which provided a perfect place to hang out swing while we played.


The opportunity for gross motor development in the outdoors is tremendous. Children have the time and space to work with materials much larger then themselves. This is also a great opportunity for teamwork; for learning that some jobs just go quicker and easier when everyone works together.


We brought “Crazy Forts” to play with for a couple weeks.  This toy give children the opportunity to build big with their imaginations!


One day we sat together and heard the story of “Mama Africa” who made creatures out of clay and then breathed them to life. We discussed what clay is, where is comes from, shared our observations about how it looks and feels and made our own creatures to bring home.


We have recently introduced whittling to our fall groups. Using vegetable peelers, the children worked to shave bits of bark and wood from sticks we found in the park. This activity supports body regulation; learning how to sit and use the tool effectively and safely. Some have even begun peeling duty at home for family dinners!


With the arrival of the rain, the worms in the park have been coming to the surface. We always enjoy taking a moment to dig for and watch the worms. Something about the way their squiggle around captivates the attention and curiosity of each group.


One group were self-motivated to create a human slingshot! Together, they discussed the best place for it and then took turns slinging each other across the trees! “Five, four, three, two, one, blastoff!”


One class a train made its way into the park. A number of children went on a ride only to have the train break down! Oh dear. But, as luck would have it a repair crew was ready and waiting. They went quickly to work and had us all on our way in the blink of an eye.


With Halloween quickly approaching; costumes have been on everybody’s minds. Together, we used leafs and paper plates to make a variety of costumes. Hats, crowns and masks were created using glue and natural found materials.


At the end of each class, we head to the playground for a play. Before we say our good-bye we sit together and share a few songs. Some of the favourites this session have been: “The Button Factory”, “Kookaburra” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.


We are looking forward to seeing how the park continues to change this fall and to exploring on more adventures over the next five weeks. Happy Harvest everyone!


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