This spring at ‘Out and About Adventures’ has certainly been a time of transformation.  We have watched as rainy days turned into warming sun.  We have played in the field, watching wet grass become greener, dandelions bloom and change, followed by daisies and buttercups.  As we played at the beach, we watched as the ducks began their mating behaviours, disappeared to nest and returned with baby ducklings!  Visiting the same space regularly helps everyone to attach to the space; to watch and learn how it changes with the passing of the seasons.

The Sand Kitchen creates opportunities for creativity and co-operation.  The children can use the sand to create whatever comes to mind.  You can wet it, build it up, dig it down, and even create appealing sand breakfasts.  They can work together on bigger projects.  Discussing ideas and making compromises to create something wonderful.  Together we can create a small pond, or an island in the middle of the beach.

Wet sand can be a blank slate for the imagination.  Through the magic of a stick, we can create beautiful pictures to decorate the beach.  Some children practiced their letters by writing simple messages and their names in the sand while other drew pictures of the things important to them. Some even drew treasure maps.  We will be furthering this interest later in the session by working with compasses and experiencing directions.

To extend on their interest in drawing.  We taped some paper up to a tree.  Using markers, pastels and crayons, the children could draw colourful pictures while surrounded by nature.

At ‘Out and About Adventures’, we strive to extend the definition of “toy”.  A rope and stick, with some useful knots and knowledge can transform into a versatile swing.  The children could swing while sitting, standing or we could even adjust it to hang off of the stick by their hands.

Climbing presents a very physical way to strive to reach ever higher.  The children have been working hard each class to climb a little higher each day.  Many faces light up with pride after reaching a spot they have been aiming for.  They persist, even when a little discouraged to climb a little higher and see the world from a little higher up than they could before.  This is a wonderful time when the older children often help the younger children.  The older adventurers will often show the younger how to climb, showing them the hand and foot holds of a certain tree and everyone cheers them on when the younger ones give it a go.

It has been a wonderful session so far, filled with friendship and fun.  Thank you for being a part of the adventure!