As the summer days turn to autumn and the world changes around us, our Adventurers have had a front row seat as we play and learn together at Trout Lake.  As the leaves changed from green to the vibrant colours of the season, the children have been building skills, confidence and friendships in a classroom made of cedar trees, a sandy beach and plenty of fresh air.

We spent the first few weeks at a group of three cedar trees.  Under their canopy, we watched busy squirrels preparing for winter and dug for worms.  We watch spiders spin their webs as they prepare to lay their eggs and chased dragon flies around and around the trees.  The children climbed to new heights, building their muscles and their confidence at the same time.

Ropes became our play things.  The children practiced their knots by tying themselves up, creating leashes from pretend dogs and testing their strength with good, ole’ fashioned tug-o-war.  We put up a pulley for them to use, transporting items from tree to tree, negotiating turn taking and figuring out how to make room for different ideas and imaginative narratives while using the same materials.

We spent a lot of time working with tools over the past few weeks.  Working with tools helps to build hand eye coordination while learning life skills and building confidence.  The adventures have learnt how to use vegetable peelers for whittling and how to use a hammer with nails and lumber with comfort and the joy of learning a new skill.

The rainy weather made for the perfect sand consistency for Sand Kitchen.  The children worked with kitchen tools to create all sorts of wonderful creations.  Co-operation, problem solving, creativity and sensory exploration are all big parts of this activity; although, the joy of getting muddy and having a chance to splash and dig was the big draw of the day for the adventurers.  We watched the small streams and cliffs made in the sand by the natural flow of rain water and even added a few streams and dams ourselves to see if we could change the patterns on the beach.

Thank you for being a part of our adventures.  We are looking forward to more time at the beach, new trees to climb and new things to do with ropes as the weeks continue and our interests change and evolve with the changing of the leaves and the environment around us.