This winter at ‘Out and About Adventures’ has been full of constantly changing weather, interests and adventures as we learned and explored around Trout Lake.  Amidst all the change, the tall Cedar trees stood strong, unchanging and supportive of our play.

The Cedar trees held us while we climbed.  Alone, or with friends.  Quick and excitedly, or slow and cautiously.  They helped to support the development of the children in our programs- providing comfort and challenge where needed.  Their low reaching branches provided accessible climbing spots for all ages, comfort levels and abilities.

The Cedar trees’ strong limbs supported our ropes to set up the pulley.  The children ran the bucket from one tree to the next.  They categorized and collected different plant matter to be transported in the bucket.  They negotiated different play narratives, ideas and turn-taking while figuring out how to move between the trees as a group.

The Cedar trees provided us with shelter on rainy days.  They allowed us a dry place to work with hammers and nails; learning a new skill and developing skills already learned.   The shelter also allowed us a dry spot to get creative with emotions; colouring clouds with printed emotions or using blanks clouds to draw our own feelings.

The last couple weeks of the winter session was spent back at the beach.  Here, our play was supported by the sand, the lake and a great Willow that kept the children’s love of climbing alive.  This tree also made a lovely beam for an easel to use mud in an artistic way and create beautiful murals.

Here at the beach, the children worked on cakes and noodles for both their peers and their teachers.  They used the kitchen tools to dig and play with the natural movement of water as the snow melted and the rains returned to Vancouver.  One group worked as a team to build a giant Dam, creating a deep pool in the beach.  They learnt that water will always find a way and it took every child working together to repair the walls as the water searched for and pushed through a place to flow out.

We have slowly begun to notice signs of spring.  The ducks are pairing up, getting ready to nest and the plants are beginning to bud.  During the last class of the session, the Adventurers planting something of their choosing to bring home and care for this spring.  We hope that your plant will continue to grow, add to the beauty of our world and remind them of their time with us at ‘Out and About Adventures’.