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As the Land Quiets…

Here in East Vancouver, Trout Lake is a small oasis of nature close to home. Nearer than most forests and beaches; in this neighbourhood many turn to this wonderful park for its peacefulness. I have noticed many children in our program this session taking an opportunity for reflection. Moving a little to the edge of […]

Fall Leaves Fall

We have been having wonderful adventures together this fall at Out and About Adventures. Together we have built friendships and our imaginations while exploring Vancouver’s beautiful Trout Lake. The sand kitchen has become a favourite activity for many of the children. They have been keeping us teachers fed well with soups, deserts and even the […]

Our First Summer Camp

This August, Tim and I had the joy to spend 6 great days over 2 weeks with some great kids! We found a great spot this summer among three cedar trees which became our home base for the program this summer.  The tree provided shade during the hot summer days and the low-lying branches provided […]