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Growing Up With Nature

Our fall session at Trout Lake has come to a close and with it, we say farewell to some very good friends.  Farewell seems a proper word as the friendships we have built here will last much longer.  The friendships between the children that were made and strengthened throughout the term are important, building confidence […]

Spring Growth

Spring is here.  The birds are singing, the sun is making its presence known with heat and light and the adventurers have be reveling in the wonders of the season and of their own developmental achievements.  Spring and summer are a time for growth; both in nature and in our little adventurers.  Supported by natural […]

Support from Natural Places

This winter at ‘Out and About Adventures’ has been full of constantly changing weather, interests and adventures as we learned and explored around Trout Lake.  Amidst all the change, the tall Cedar trees stood strong, unchanging and supportive of our play. The Cedar trees held us while we climbed.  Alone, or with friends.  Quick and […]

Winter Wonderland

The beginning of January saw a great thaw in the city of Vancouver.  Packed snow formed icy patches throughout Trout Lake Park, adding a new level of fun and challenge to our travels across the fields.  In a city that rarely sees this much snow and ice, the adventurers had to learn to walk in […]

Nature Provides

The end of the autumn season at Out and About has been a time of creating and of rejoicing for all that we gain through our connection with the natural world. The sand at the beach of Trout Lake provides young imaginations with a blank canvass.  Some children used this canvas to practice their numbers […]