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Growing Up With Nature

Our fall session at Trout Lake has come to a close and with it, we say farewell to some very good friends.  Farewell seems a proper word as the friendships we have built here will last much longer.  The friendships between the children that were made and strengthened throughout the term are important, building confidence […]

The Opportunities of Nature

Winter is often thought of as a time of inactivity.  The plants are resting, many birds have migrated to warmer climates and many mammals are hidden while they rest underground or in some other place hidden from human eyes.  But it is within this season of rest that the possibilities for innovative play and problem […]

Spring Growth

Spring is here.  The birds are singing, the sun is making its presence known with heat and light and the adventurers have be reveling in the wonders of the season and of their own developmental achievements.  Spring and summer are a time for growth; both in nature and in our little adventurers.  Supported by natural […]